Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

I did a lot of contemplation on this theme. It’s very complex ( a well chosen theme) but at the same time quite a simple mathematic equation. I liked the idea of my subjects being architectural or manmade, maybe using geometry to achieve greatness and beauty. I finally settled on some from my back log.

I took these images in March 2011 in Belgium, Ipres which is also apt for the time of year. The imagery comes from Flanders Fields on a beautifully crisp and cold March morning.

All photos are taken with the Samsung.

Back Log Pre Blog Examples 3

This is the final back log post I am going to do. What’s left are just a few of my favorite shots from odd trips.

Tower Of London

I took a trip to the Tower and what trip isn’t complete without a shot of the infamous ravens. Below is a picture of a mask worn by a headsman that worked for a time at the Tower. Being frightened of masks I found it terrifying but at the same time intriguing.

Egypt 2011

This particular shot is taken from St Catherines Monastery in Sinai, which is situated in front of the mountain which Moses climbed to receive the 10 commandments. The monastery is still working and has a collection of monks living there, they allow tourists in between 9-12 daily. It was a beautiful place and it also houses ‘the burning bush’.

Back Log Pre Blog Examples 2

During May 2011 Reiss, Tom and I visited an abandoned asylum called Severalls in Colchester. This was my first taste of urban exploring and it did not disappoint. By the end of the day a little chant of we can cheat an expensive fence had been commandeered and we all felt pretty pleased with ourselves. Only 1 mishap and that was when Tom looked straight at a guard but luckily he did not spot us!

Back Log Pre Blog Examples

I thought that I would show some of my previous work over the course of a few blogs. All of the pictures in these post have been taken with a digital compact camera the Samsung ST500.


I took a 2 day trip to Belgium with my degree class, specifically to Ipres in March 2011. Both days were freezing cold but had beautiful sunshine.


We then stayed 2 nights in Paris and the 3rd day we went to Euro Disney.