Amsterdam – Final day

During the last day we visited an influential interior design shop called Droog. It has pioneered the careers of designers such as Marcel Wanders who I mentioned in the Stedlijk post.

After this, some students and myself went for a walk around Amsterdam with our cameras to get a feel for the culture. We visited the flower market, Europe’s largest condom shop, an amazing hand made chocolate shop, a paper craft shop ( I nearly didn’t leave) as well as many independent galleries. This was the best day for me as I felt we covered the most ground, overall I really enjoyed the trip.

Bridge building b+w Building Canal Cat Lamp post Tuips 1 Tulips Watering can

Inspirational Friday

I was briefly watching TV (whilst ironing) flicking through channels as there is never anything on when I have access to it. When I came across this wonderful advert. I think it is superbly made. It should be appreciated just on that level.

Ogilvy & Mather London are the design company that made this advert.


What is ‘inspiration’?

The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: “flashes of inspiration”. (


Middle English (in the sense ‘divine guidance’): via Old French from late Latin inspiratio(n-), (Oxford dictionaries)

Inspiration, for me, is when something leaves you awe struck, when it sparks something inside you, a feeling to act or change. Many things inspire us, music, poetry, art, I am going to have inspiration Fridays. I will post something each Friday that leaves me with the feeling of ‘I want to try that’ or ‘how did they create this?’

This week is this vimeo post

‘The Right Blend’ For Scott Naturals.

I think this is just beautifully executed, not quite perfect but that is the beauty of it!