Failed Photography Weekend

This Saturday just gone, Reiss, Tom and I decided to check out a recently shut down power station for what we thought would be, epic photography! However, on closer inspection it didn’t seem as if the shut down process had been completed. Alongside this, the cameras were everywhere! There was a security van circling and barbed wire fences EVERYWHERE! So failed attempt number one. The image below is not mine, but one of the oil refinery we wanted to see.

Reiss had a back up destination called Martinhole Wood just past One Tree Hill in Basildon. Walking through this wood we come across what looks to us like a derelict Mausoleum. As we walked around this we also found that it had a very large bricked hole in the middle. Around the outskirts of the area it had foundations to another building and another hole/well/shaft. We thought this would be a nice spot of photography. Well, it was for the guys, even though my camera was fully charged it decided it did not want to turn on. Instead I went for a wander and then used my phone to find out more about the site.

I found out that it was originally a well and a bottling plant in the 1920’s. For more info click here.

The guys got a few shots between them but no one really seemed to get the ‘gem’ that they had hoped for. We wandered for another hour or so but the efforts were fruitless. I know that you cannot always get the shots that you want but you need at least for your camera to turn on! Sigh.

Next time folks!