Day 2 – Pentire Barn

Day 2 of our trip we decided to explore the picturesque surroundings of where we were staying. The night before we had precariously driven down an unmade single track in trepidation. As soon as we caught sight of where we would be staying it didn’t matter anymore. It was beautiful. The surroundings and the accommodation.

We stayed at The Lower Pentire Barn. This was situated on the Carminowe Creek which is joined to the river Loe and The Loe Bar. We rambled around this area for 4 hours walking a distance of about 14km there and back.

Cottage 3

This is the view of our cottage from across the creek.

Carminowe Creek

Cottage 2

Showing where the river joins the creek.

River Loe 2

Looking from the beach of Loe Bar back towards the river.

Loe Bar

We climbed to the cliff top to continue our walk round to the woods. Reiss looking out to sea…

Loe Bar 2

The woods on the other side of the river were very dense with some unusual trees.

Woods 2


River Loe

Our cottage was equipped with a log burner which we made use of every night. It is surprising at how efficient they are. Considering the cottage had stone floors and walls the fire kept us nice and toastie and replaced the t.v. Instead of watching a film we watched the fire and played cards or Monopoly.

Fire 5

Fire 4

Fire 3

Fire 1

I have fallen in love with The Lower Pentire Barn and cannot wait to return.

Day 1 – The Eden Project

Reiss and I have just recently taken a short trip to Cornwall. From where we live in Essex to Helston (where we stayed) was about a 6.5 hour drive. To try and break this up a bit we decided to go to the Eden Project on the way there.


Although both of us felt that Kew Gardens in London have a wider range and is on a larger scale, The Eden Project was still worth the visit. We began by clearly disregarding all queues and just walking in (we had pre paid, but even still no one stopped us or asked us for tickets) and then began our adventure into the Rainforest Biome.

Rainforest 2

Immediately the climate change hits you and your camera lens. It is extremely close and humid, it took about half an hour of constantly cleaning my lens before it acclimatised.  However, some of the effects on the pictures were quite interesting.

Rainforest 3

This platform was 50m up from the forest floor. It is suspended by wire from the top of the biome, this made it extremely wobbly. Only 24 people are allowed up at a time. You can see through the floor and the stairs on the way up but it was surprisingly not scary.

Rainforest 5

The biomes themselves were really interesting and made some amazing patterns. They really stand out next to all of the foliage.


This biome was complete with waterfall to add even more moisture into the mix.

Waterfall 2

From here we went to the Mediterranean Biome. Which we thought would be a hot climate for cacti etc. However it was just pleasant in temperature. There was a pasty competition going on all day in this biome with live music from The Wurzels.


There was a lot of unusual characters in this biome.

Mediterranean 2

Mediterranean 5

Mediterranean 6

Mediterranean 7

I found this guy amongst some tulips!

Mediterranean 3


These were the only plant life as such that I found of interest in this climate, although I loved the smell of the orange groves. Unfortunately I am unable to capture the smell. 😦

Mediterranean 8

I found this rather large character outside. Due to the time of year the outside was mainly in hibernation. During spring and summer I am sure it is a wonderful sight.

Bumble bee

The domes themselves are really interesting and made for some strange shapes.


Overall a good visit, it broke up our traveling and was a good first day for our trip.


January has been a slow month for me and photography. I have taken my camera out on several occasions but have thus far been hardly inspired by much of what I have seen. I have a random collection to post today of mismatched photos taken on these occasions. I hope February turns out to be a better month.Fields

These two images were taken on New Years day in Belhus Woods on a wander in the relative sunshine.

Fields 2

The next collection of images were taken in Martinhole Wood after the snow had settled.




Window Frame

This last collection I took today. My mothers orchid is in full bloom and it is a beauty to behold.


Orchid 2

Orchid 3

Weekly Photo Challenge – Changing Seasons

I was really gutted when this theme was chosen. I had snow last week and couldn’t get a good reflections picture but it would have been perfect for this. However, when I woke this morning to find a glimmering wonderland outside I knew it was for a reason.

changing weather 1

changing weather 2

changing weather 3

Snow Day

So last night I had decided that seeing as I had today off work, I would take part in the wordpress weekly photo challenge and get a photo for ‘reflection’. However, the weather had other ideas! I awoke this morning to see that it was snowing! The little girl in me allowed a little eeekkkk to escape. I checked to see that no one had heard me… then promptly began to get my camera battery on charge eagerly awaiting the snowfall to stop. I put on a ridiculous amount of layers, and walked over to the nature reserve with my little sis and the dog. The following is the result of my first camera snow day.










All pictures taken with the Canon 600d.

West Wycombe Mausoleum 27.11.12

Today Jamie and I decided to have an adventure! We were going to discover The Hell Fire Caves of West Wycombe and climb to the Mausoleum atop the hill. From some previous research we found that we would not in fact be going into the caves, as in the winter they are only open at weekends. No matter, we thought, the Mausoleum it is! Sitting on the A127 not 10 minutes from my house, flooding!!! Oh how fantastic, however once passed we again allowed ourselves to be optimistic…. 1.5hrs later… it is still raining! We have a coffee/tea and decide that the drizzle outside would have to be braved to say that it wasn’t a completely wasted trip. Wellies were certainly needed, however I had cleverly left mine in the back of Reiss’ car. This was doomed from the onset! I climbed the hill, (with now muddy converse) to find it…..LOCKED! we did an hour or so of wandering around the area and I have a few photos but then the rain got too heavy and we had to retreat. Our adventure had been scuppered at every turn. Despite this, I had a really fun day and can’t wait for the next!

What collection would be complete without more fungi?

All images are taken with the Canon 600d.

Special Photo Challenge – Inspiration

Well the special photo challenge fits in with my inspirational Friday quite well 🙂 I love nothing better than walking the dog with my wellies on and camera in hand. You never know what you might see. This is why I started this blog, a ramblers catalogue really. My partner Reiss took this photo whilst I was engrossed in trying to get a photo for silhouette.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Green

I really enjoyed this weeks challenge. I didn’t have all that much time, hence only 5 images this week. Also when I was going to take another photo, it decided to rain! As per usual this time of year. However I hope you like what I have got.

Inspirational Friday

Today’s Inspiration is going to be a little bit different. I want to dedicate this post to my dad. I am a daddy’s girl and to me he is the best dad in the world.

Although we are different, I am academic and he is very practical and oozes common sense (something which I lack) we also share similar loves in Jazz music and the outdoors. My dad is a fisherman, not by trade but as a hobby. If he is not participating in it, he is watching, reading or talking about it. He has a passion for it that started at the age of 4. Ever since I was little I wanted to be with my dad and this, therefore led me to become a rambler. He has always enjoyed walking the dogs for miles at a time and even at the ages of 3/4 I used to follow him and my Grandad over the mountains of Wales for hours on end.

Recently he decided to buy a camera to document his fishing but also the beautiful places he visits and the wildlife he sees. As he is colour-blind and a bit of a technophobe I admit I was a little dubious. However, he has yet again astounded me with what he has done. All the following photos are taken on manual settings of his new Nikon Coolpix 500.

I am so proud of my dad for his first attempts at photography I do not think he has done half bad.

Love you dad xxx

Wanderings with a new camera!

So my brand new Canon 600d came! Hooray! I am in love. Took it out today to test it out, as well as my partner Reiss‘ lens’. It was a very cold day, Misty got another long walk but the light definitely was not with us. I still managed a few pictures, I will be arranging a few more days out to get used to my lovely new camera.

More fungi for my autumnal wanderings.