Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

I did a lot of contemplation on this theme. It’s very complex ( a well chosen theme) but at the same time quite a simple mathematic equation. I liked the idea of my subjects being architectural or manmade, maybe using geometry to achieve greatness and beauty. I finally settled on some from my back log.

I took these images in March 2011 in Belgium, Ipres which is also apt for the time of year. The imagery comes from Flanders Fields on a beautifully crisp and cold March morning.

All photos are taken with the Samsung.

Back Log Pre Blog Examples

I thought that I would show some of my previous work over the course of a few blogs. All of the pictures in these post have been taken with a digital compact camera the Samsung ST500.


I took a 2 day trip to Belgium with my degree class, specifically to Ipres in March 2011. Both days were freezing cold but had beautiful sunshine.


We then stayed 2 nights in Paris and the 3rd day we went to Euro Disney.