Special Photo Challenge – Inspiration

Well the special photo challenge fits in with my inspirational Friday quite well ūüôā I love nothing better than walking the dog with my wellies on and camera in hand. You never know what you might see. This is why I started this blog, a ramblers catalogue really. My partner Reiss took this photo whilst I was engrossed in trying to get a photo for silhouette.

Bonfire 3.11.12

Remember Remember the 5th of November. Guy Fawks night, bonfires and fireworks. This is one of my favourite times of year. Outside in the cold with a roaring fire and a display of colour lighting up the sky. Tom, Reiss and I decided that we would take part again this year. Reiss and I had created a bonfire pile over our allotment with all the debris that we had cleared over a month ago. However, we have had such extensive rain this last 2 weeks that everything was soaked. Not to worry, fire lighters and kindling should do the trick! Although we managed to get the fire going, it was only briefly and we had to admit defeat.

Never mind we thought, fireworks are our friends, what could possibly go wrong? So we trudge through a field, I say trudge as we could no longer feel our feet, eagerly we set up a fountain or two. They were quite good, this is going well. Next, a screamer….. oh boy did it make a noise…. a very faint POP and that was that! Ok, we shall redeem ourselves with a rocket, oh wait, what is this, no tube to launch the rockets from! A disgrace! The boys made an ad hoc tube and all was great for 1 rocket. We gave up and came home. It was not a complete loss though, the night was hilarious and good fun with good friends. I would highly recommend it to boost your spirits this time of year.

All photos taken with the Fujifilm.

Grant Museum of Zoology 30.10.12

On the day that Reiss and I took Shannon to The V&A we also took her to The Grant Museum Of Zoology. Its a little known museum which is only one room but it is filled to bursting with wonders! We all really enjoyed it and found it fascinating. It is a really hands on place that allows people to touch some exhibits and really draws you into learning.


Taxidermy was a way of teaching students about different animals in a safe environment.


This is a Rag Worm, I didn’t realise that it had legs like a millipede.

Shannon tried her hand at some photography in the afternoon as well. This is an Elephant skull.

All photos have been taken with the Fujifilm.


Cast Courts 30.10.12

My sister Shannon had been pestering me to take her to London to do some museum wanderings for a while and as it is half term I agreed to go. Reiss came along too and we were originally going to the Hollywood Costume exhibition and Ballgowns at The V&A. However, when we got there my volunteer pass (I volunteer for the Cutty Sark) would only let me in and the others needed to pay ¬£20 each for entry. Clearly that wasn’t going to happen, so we had a wander around the costume through the ages and Shannon snuck round the back of the Ballgowns exhibition and went in for free anyway.

As we were wandering around the museum which has a vast array of items we came across The Cast Courts which I haven’t seen before as they have been closed for renovation. Only 1 side was open but it was so spectacular it really didn’t matter. All of us appreciated theses replicas from the 19th century. The intricate details and unusual animals completely blew me away as well as the sheer size and scale of the casts.

All the photos have been taken with the FujiFilm.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Foreign

I thought long and hard about the subject foreign, lots of people were putting up pictures from travels abroad etc. I went to the MCM Expo London this weekend and found plenty of things that people would consider foreign to them. Another word for foreign is alien and this is what I have chosen to show. Taken with the fujifilm.



1. of, pertaining to, or derived from another country or nation;not native: foreign cars.
2.  or pertaining to contact or dealings with other countries;connected with foreign affairs.
3. external¬†to¬†one’s¬†own¬†country¬†or¬†nation:¬†a¬†foreign¬†country.
4. carried on abroad, or with other countries: foreign trade.
5. belonging to or coming from another district, province, etc.

MCM Expo London 27.10.12

I had been looking forward to Comic Con for AGES!! I asked Reiss¬†to join me and luckily he agreed. It was held at the Excel Centre in London and we made our way by train, running into a few Naruto characters on the way ūüôā Once there, I was absolutely amazed by the sheer amount of cosplay going on! It was phenomenal! We went and joined an excruciatingly long queue, but it has to be said it was the most interesting queue I have ever been in. It took 1.5 hours to get in but in that time I came across 2 friends from work (my secret is no longer safe!) a small child dressed as nine tails and another as Boo from Monsters Inc. I honestly saw the tallest man IN THE WORLD!!! Watched Dr Robotnik (female version) trying to maneuver with his/her pendulum. Met Death in all his glory and watched Ezio push his way through the crowds to move almost to the front just by touching everyone on the shoulder (in character to the extreme) it was absolutely hilarious!

The actual expo was packed to bursting and there was far too many people to be considered ‘safe’ as it was so hard to move around, good photos were hard to come by. Reiss and I split up for a while and I found myself following Predator around for a while desperate for a good shot – stalker I know! I also came across Bananas in Pyjamas, The Cookie Monster and Iron Man. Altogether I really enjoyed myself only thing is I am not great with crowds so I was a nervous, stressed wreck by the end (need to work on that).

All photos take with the fujifilm.

I think Harlequin needed a rest.

Steampunk is my all time favourite style and this dude is rocking it!!!

Warwick Davis signing autographs.

Dover Castle 26.10.12

Ok well the 26th had been dedicated to Dover Castle for a while, come rain, sun or snow we had decided that Friday 26th October would be the day to explore the castle.  I prepare a day early (excited as I was) sandwiches ready, drinks ready, camera ready! Into the car we go, no hiccups with the sat-nav, no parking fees etc. However, on route Reiss and I did go through torrential downpours and decide that a stop off at a local Tesco cafe for nourishment was in order. We drive into the garrison to find a sheep hanging over a precipice and I decide today is going to be a good day! Despite the grey, cold and windy weather the day was a success I am pleased to say. All photos have been taken with the fujifilm.


Reiss has set me a challenge. As I am a complete novice he has taken it upon himself to help me by set different photography challenges so I can get my head around the workings of the camera. So this one was SHADOWS! Quite topical this side of Halloween.

I have decided to start with casting artificial shadows on objects using my mini torch. Photos taken with the FujiFilm


How do you think I have done? How can I improve and what else could I try to show shadows?