Day 2 – Pentire Barn

Day 2 of our trip we decided to explore the picturesque surroundings of where we were staying. The night before we had precariously driven down an unmade single track in trepidation. As soon as we caught sight of where we would be staying it didn’t matter anymore. It was beautiful. The surroundings and the accommodation.

We stayed at The Lower Pentire Barn. This was situated on the Carminowe Creek which is joined to the river Loe and The Loe Bar. We rambled around this area for 4 hours walking a distance of about 14km there and back.

Cottage 3

This is the view of our cottage from across the creek.

Carminowe Creek

Cottage 2

Showing where the river joins the creek.

River Loe 2

Looking from the beach of Loe Bar back towards the river.

Loe Bar

We climbed to the cliff top to continue our walk round to the woods. Reiss looking out to sea…

Loe Bar 2

The woods on the other side of the river were very dense with some unusual trees.

Woods 2


River Loe

Our cottage was equipped with a log burner which we made use of every night. It is surprising at how efficient they are. Considering the cottage had stone floors and walls the fire kept us nice and toastie and replaced the t.v. Instead of watching a film we watched the fire and played cards or Monopoly.

Fire 5

Fire 4

Fire 3

Fire 1

I have fallen in love with The Lower Pentire Barn and cannot wait to return.

Eric Goes To Cornwall!

Eric, myself and Reiss took a little break to Helston in Cornwall. We visited many places and Eric is pleased to show you all his photo album of the 5 day visit.

On our way to Cornwall we went to The Eden Project.

Eden Project 2

As usual Eric made friends with the locals.

Eden Project 3

Eden Project 4

We stayed at Lower Pentire Barn on the Carminowe Creek which joined onto the River Loe.

Cottage 1

Lake 1

Eric liked to show his skills off in starting the log burner. We was very impressed!

Cottage 2

Another friend made. This is Totoro he is a Japanese Tree Dweller. Similar Folklore to that of the Tontuu.

A Friend

We went for some long hikes around the picturesque area. Eric just could not believe the stunning views!

Cottage 3

The Loe

We were very close to the Loe Bar which separated the river from the Sea. It was extremely windy!

Loe Bar

We took a trip to the Enchanted forest in the fishing village of Gweek and Eric had Cornish tea with the Piskie King.

The Piksie King

We all visited Kynance Cove, which we all agreed was an amazingly picturesque place.

Kynance Cove 2

Kynance Cove 3

Kynance Cove 1

Thank you for looking at Eric’s adventures. The next trip planned is one to Preston to visit a friend.

Bonfire 3.11.12

Remember Remember the 5th of November. Guy Fawks night, bonfires and fireworks. This is one of my favourite times of year. Outside in the cold with a roaring fire and a display of colour lighting up the sky. Tom, Reiss and I decided that we would take part again this year. Reiss and I had created a bonfire pile over our allotment with all the debris that we had cleared over a month ago. However, we have had such extensive rain this last 2 weeks that everything was soaked. Not to worry, fire lighters and kindling should do the trick! Although we managed to get the fire going, it was only briefly and we had to admit defeat.

Never mind we thought, fireworks are our friends, what could possibly go wrong? So we trudge through a field, I say trudge as we could no longer feel our feet, eagerly we set up a fountain or two. They were quite good, this is going well. Next, a screamer….. oh boy did it make a noise…. a very faint POP and that was that! Ok, we shall redeem ourselves with a rocket, oh wait, what is this, no tube to launch the rockets from! A disgrace! The boys made an ad hoc tube and all was great for 1 rocket. We gave up and came home. It was not a complete loss though, the night was hilarious and good fun with good friends. I would highly recommend it to boost your spirits this time of year.

All photos taken with the Fujifilm.