Crystal Palace Park

Saturday just gone, Reiss and I decided to make another attempt at a successful photography outing. I have a book bought for me by my mum called Secret London. It has lots of unusual places to visit. When browsing through we discovered a page dedicated to Crystal Palace Gardens. I thought that there was nothing left of The Crystal Palace and was intrigued straight away. The Crystal Palace was destroyed in a fire in 1936 and was a tragic loss to our cultural history. Find out more here.

Our day did not start as planned, I awoke with a headache and waiting for the tablets to kick in put us behind half hour. Then we had both forgotten our coats – it was FREEZING! Once in the station Reiss realised he was wearing the most inadequate shoes for a park. All that went out the window as soon as we went past on the train. From the window of the train we could see a lake surrounded in Dinosaurs. What a sight when we actually got to the park. On inspection of a map we also found that their were ruins of the steps, archways and sphinxes left as well as a maze, a small children’s farm and lots of open space to walk around.

The Dinosaurs

The dinosaurs and mammals were built by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins in 1854, they were the first dinosaur sculptures in the world, pre-dating the publication of Charles Darwins – Origin of Species by six years. They are considered out of date and inaccurate by modern standards but I loved them just the same. Excitedly scurrying from one to the other trying to learn what they were and get closer for better photos.



Iguanodons and Pterodactyl


Dino Colour


Dino sepia


Water Dino



Sloth 2

The Sphinxes

As you walk to the back of the park you are greeted with a grand staircase to nothing. This is what is left of The Crystal Palace. There are two tiers, some broken columns which used to have plant urns on top, some broken statues and at the top and to the sides are the sphinxes. These got me so excited I climbed through some broken fencing to get a better view… couldn’t help myself 😛

Sphinx landscape

Sphinx b+w


Last but by no means least.

Kune Kune pig


This guy was the star attraction at the little farm, although the cockerel was something to behold also.

I had an amazing day out, very pleased with how it went and would definitely go again.