A family outing, choosing a Christmas tree!

Reiss’s grandad owns some land, on part of his land grows some Christmas trees. My Dad is not one to turn down a freebie, the catch is you have to choose and chop yourself. So this turns into a whole family outing complete with wellies and a saw! I am extremely glad I chose to document it, as it turned out to be quite fun!

Oh dear, so many to choose from…Reiss

How about this one?Mum and Dad

No, I think this one!Dad 2

This one it is then.

Chosen one

It’s not too big, honest.Reiss 2

Off to the van we go. 🙂Dad

Garden Of Lights

On Friday Reiss took me to a stately home in East Grinstead called Standen. They had a wonderful Garden of Lights show on that was set to the theme of the Nutcracker. Although it could have been a bit larger I thoroughly enjoyed it and it has started to get me in a Christmas mood. The garden itself is wonderful and has a secret garden esqe feel to it. This is the first night shots I have taken, so was pleased to try something new.


Tree light

The Ballroom

Tree Light 2