Bonfire 3.11.12

Remember Remember the 5th of November. Guy Fawks night, bonfires and fireworks. This is one of my favourite times of year. Outside in the cold with a roaring fire and a display of colour lighting up the sky. Tom, Reiss and I decided that we would take part again this year. Reiss and I had created a bonfire pile over our allotment with all the debris that we had cleared over a month ago. However, we have had such extensive rain this last 2 weeks that everything was soaked. Not to worry, fire lighters and kindling should do the trick! Although we managed to get the fire going, it was only briefly and we had to admit defeat.

Never mind we thought, fireworks are our friends, what could possibly go wrong? So we trudge through a field, I say trudge as we could no longer feel our feet, eagerly we set up a fountain or two. They were quite good, this is going well. Next, a screamer….. oh boy did it make a noise…. a very faint POP and that was that! Ok, we shall redeem ourselves with a rocket, oh wait, what is this, no tube to launch the rockets from! A disgrace! The boys made an ad hoc tube and all was great for 1 rocket. We gave up and came home. It was not a complete loss though, the night was hilarious and good fun with good friends. I would highly recommend it to boost your spirits this time of year.

All photos taken with the Fujifilm.