Weekly Photo Challenge – Lost in the Details

Tulips WPC

I haven’t entered a Weekly Photo Challenge for a while, but whilst I was visiting the Eden Project last weekend I snapped this photo. I immediately knew it was a perfect entry for this challenge. I love tulips and this photo shows why.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Changing Seasons

I was really gutted when this theme was chosen. I had snow last week and couldn’t get a good reflections picture but it would have been perfect for this. However, when I woke this morning to find a glimmering wonderland outside I knew it was for a reason.

changing weather 1

changing weather 2

changing weather 3

Special Photo Challenge – Inspiration

Well the special photo challenge fits in with my inspirational Friday quite well ūüôā I love nothing better than walking the dog with my wellies on and camera in hand. You never know what you might see. This is why I started this blog, a ramblers catalogue really. My partner Reiss took this photo whilst I was engrossed in trying to get a photo for silhouette.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Green

I really enjoyed this weeks challenge. I didn’t have all that much time, hence only 5 images this week. Also when I was going to take another photo, it decided to rain! As per usual this time of year. However I hope you like what I have got.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

I did a lot of contemplation on this theme. It’s very complex ( a well chosen theme) but at the same time quite a simple mathematic equation. I liked the idea of my subjects being architectural or manmade, maybe using geometry to achieve greatness and beauty. I finally settled on some from my back log.

I took these images in March 2011 in Belgium, Ipres which is also apt for the time of year. The imagery comes from Flanders Fields on a beautifully crisp and cold March morning.

All photos are taken with the Samsung.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Foreign

I thought long and hard about the subject foreign, lots of people were putting up pictures from travels abroad etc. I went to the MCM Expo London this weekend and found plenty of things that people would consider foreign to them. Another word for foreign is alien and this is what I have chosen to show. Taken with the fujifilm.



1. of, pertaining to, or derived from another country or nation;not native: foreign cars.
2.  or pertaining to contact or dealings with other countries;connected with foreign affairs.
3. external¬†to¬†one’s¬†own¬†country¬†or¬†nation:¬†a¬†foreign¬†country.
4. carried on abroad, or with other countries: foreign trade.
5. belonging to or coming from another district, province, etc.