Rome – Day 2

Day 2 was set aside for The Vatican, I was looking forward to this the most. After fighting our way through a mob of people trying to sell us tours we joined a 40 minute queue around the perimeter of St Peters Square to enter The Basilica.

St Peters 3

St Peters 2

St Peters 1

Even our queuing route was grand!



For me, the inside certainly didn’t disappoint. The ceilings were spectacular, so ornate. Everything was decorated with finery you just couldn’t imagine. I couldn’t comprehend worshipping within the walls as everything was too distracting.

There is gold everywhere you look and statues everywhere. It still doesn’t feel over crowded as it covers a vast space.


Dragon statue






Stained glass

This next one isn’t quite in focus, I wasn’t allowed a tripod and the light wasn’t great. However, I wanted to show you all how creepy this guy is!

Scary man

After viewing all of the inside and the vaults (which you are not allowed to photograph), we decided to walk the 549 steps to the top of the cupola. It is one of those things you must do in life.

Half way

cupola 2


Mosaic 2


After climbing the second half, in a maxi dress, with a shawl around me, a camera bag and the camera, at a slant! I caught my breath, and tried to stop sweating, to be greeted with rather a spectacular view.

The View


6 thoughts on “Rome – Day 2

  1. Really like the 4th photo down! Very interesting.. shame that I never got to see the view in the last photo, not even sure why now. After saying I’d never go Rome again, I think if I had my camera with me I would happily go just for a week of purely photography in a different city.. if I didn’t have my camera though, I stand by never going 😀

    • Thank you for looking Tom. Now that I have been to Rome I wouldn’t re-visit, I am sure I have experienced everything it has to offer. I need to decide on my next city to visit now. Any ideas of where you would like to go instead?

      • Somewhere in Russia, as I’ve mentioned before, the only thing that puts me off is their crazy writing, but still, would be epic!

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