An Adventurer From Lapland

I would like you all to meet my Tontuu, Eric.


Eric is a house gnome from Lapland, who has decided to travel to the UK. He has lived for many years looking after his house, keeping it safe, but has grown tired of the same routine everyday and decided to become an adventurer.


Every gnome needs to have a cliche picture to send back home 🙂

Plant Pot

He wanted to get a higher perspective of things so he could assess where to go next, unfortunately this plant pot was not high enough.


This was a much better view, but took him most of the morning to climb it! From this vantage point Eric spotted a park, Lapland doesn’t have many playgrounds due to all the snow and he was so excited to try it out.



He does love climbing! He found what seemed to him to be a massive lake with a very strange looking fish…


Whilst at the lake, Eric made a friend. It is a bit of an unusual pairing, his only friends at home are the local Reindeer and they get a bit too rowdy for him.


He can’t wait to see more of the UK, this was just the first adventure of many he told me…

8 thoughts on “An Adventurer From Lapland

  1. At first I thought it looked incredibly freaky. Then I began to like him as I read about him and his adventure.

    All the photo are really nicely composed and beautifully lit! I really like this series, hope he has more adventures!

  2. Leanne! You should use this little chappy as an excuse for loads of holidays… how else is he going to visit other countries if he doesn’t use a person with a passport?!?!

    On a serious note however, really nice pictures! The flag one is by far my favourite for patriotic reasons 🙂 the climbing wall one my favourite generally, the wind swept hair makes it look really high up and adventurous! 😀

    • Thank you very much Tom, Eric loves the idea of holidaying with me….

      We are thinking about a trip to the beach next and maybe one to the city to see the sights.

      It was really fun to take these pictures and the light on the day was brilliant, cold day but blue skys. 😛

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