Weirdness, statues and m&m’s!

Well this will be a little bit different. So Reiss and I went out on Sunday to London. I had said how a lot of my photography seemed based on nature and I would like to try to test new things. Push my boundaries as it were. So we decided a city walk would be best. With no real route in mind we went up to the city and found ourselves at St Paul’s Cathedral. This is my favourite building in London. I have never been inside and got my chance to and what a wonderment it is. Completely fascinating in all its glorious, intricate design. Unfortunately photography is not allowed. However, when walking around the grounds some interesting statues caught my eye.



After this no more photos were taken. However, what an afternoon! We went to China Town and Reiss bought some strawberry Pocky which I sampled later. We saw some odd-looking food ‘delicacies’ such as orange squid! From here we walked through to Trafalgar Square where we come across and restaurant called The Rainforest Cafe. A talking tree inside made me jump…. Next we walked past the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Building with an unusual animatronics band playing. After we went into Leicester Square where we went in The Trocadero. Lastly we stumbled upon a 4 storied M&M shop with so much merchandise it was unreal, alongside an extremely sickly smell.

All in all a fantabulous day was had.

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